Each GP is an independent practitioner and business entity utilising the rooms of this facility.

Please be aware that each GP have their own methods for arranging appointments and the billing profile they use.

Dr Yu ‘Mack’ Deng

Suite 1

ABN 71 969 531 772

Dr Lachlan McArthur

Suite 6

ABN 59 873 760 321

Dr Sam Rojo

Suite 12

ABN 20 642 150 856

Rojo Medical group Pty Ltd

Dr Elliott Larkin

Opening Hours: Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Services offered:

  • Face to face appointments
  • Telehealth telephone consultations

Suite 8

ABN: 40 604 968 792

Dr Robert Barron

Suite 11

ABN: 89 359 251 452

Dr Amir Esmaeili

Suite 9

Dr Louisa Ahmed

Dr Louisa recently relocated her practice from Elanora Heights.

If you have seen Dr Louisa at Elanora, your medical records relocated with Dr Louisa to this new location of her practice.

Dr Louisa’s appointment and billing system remain the same as it was at Elanora.

ABN: 66 001 434 528

Hadeni Pty Ltd

Dr Ivor Zetler

Suite 4

ABN: 40 002 217 692

Dr Katarzyna Harasymiuk

Speaks Polish

Suite 5

ABN: 74050062925

Interharex Pty Ltd

Dr Sanjika Kotelawela

Suite 3

ABN: 99154640598

Kotelawela Pty Ltd

Dr Clayton Leung

Suite 2

ABN: 28742354351

Dr Feng Foo

ABN: 67 752 806 226

Dr Shabbir Ahmed

Dr Shabbir Ahmed recently relocated his practice from Elanora Heights. If you have seen Dr Shabbir Ahmed at Elanora, your patient files are with Dr Ahmed at this location.

ABN: 66001434528

Hadeni Pty Ltd